Class GotoInstruction

  extended by serp.bytecode.Instruction
      extended by serp.bytecode.JumpInstruction
          extended by serp.bytecode.GotoInstruction
All Implemented Interfaces:
BCEntity, InstructionPtr, VisitAcceptor

public class GotoInstruction
extends JumpInstruction

An instruction that specifies a position in the code block to jump to. Examples include go2, jsr, etc.

Abe White

Method Summary
 int getStackChange()
          Return the number of stack positions this instruction pushes or pops during its execution.
 void setOffset(int offset)
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Method Detail


public int getStackChange()
Description copied from class: Instruction
Return the number of stack positions this instruction pushes or pops during its execution.

getStackChange in class Instruction
0 if the stack is not affected by this instruction, a positive number if it pushes onto the stack, and a negative number if it pops from the stack


public void setOffset(int offset)
setOffset in class JumpInstruction

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