Package serp.bytecode.lowlevel

Lowlevel Bytecode Manipuation


Interface Summary
ConstantEntry Interface implemented by entries representing constant values.

Class Summary
ClassEntry A constant pool entry describing a class.
ComplexEntry Base class for field, method, and interface method constant pool entries.
ConstantPool A bytecode constant pool, containing entries for all strings, constants, classes, etc referenced in the class structure and method opcodes.
ConstantPoolTable Efficient representation of the constant pool as a table.
DoubleEntry A constant double value in the constant pool.
Entry Base type for all constant pool entries.
FieldEntry A reference to a class field.
FloatEntry A constant float value in the constant pool.
IntEntry A constant int value in the constant pool.
InterfaceMethodEntry A reference to an interface method.
LongEntry A long constant in the constant pool.
MethodEntry A reference to a class method.
NameAndTypeEntry Entry containing indexes referencing a name and a descriptor.
StringEntry A String constant in the constant pool.
UTF8Entry A unicode string value in the constant pool.

Package serp.bytecode.lowlevel Description

Lowlevel Bytecode Manipuation

This package contains facilities for lowlevel bytecode manipulation through the class constant pool. It is generally not necessary to use this package directly, as all necessary functionality is made available at a high level via the serp.bytecode package.

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