Uses of Class

Packages that use IIncInstruction
serp.bytecode Bytecode Manipuation 
serp.bytecode.visitor Bytecode Visitor 

Uses of IIncInstruction in serp.bytecode

Methods in serp.bytecode that return IIncInstruction
 IIncInstruction Code.iinc()
          Add the iinc opcode.
 IIncInstruction IIncInstruction.setIncrement(int val)
          Set the increment on this IINC instruction.

Uses of IIncInstruction in serp.bytecode.visitor

Methods in serp.bytecode.visitor with parameters of type IIncInstruction
 void PrettyPrintVisitor.enterIIncInstruction(IIncInstruction obj)
 void BCVisitor.enterIIncInstruction(IIncInstruction obj)
 void BCVisitor.exitIIncInstruction(IIncInstruction obj)

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